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Switzerland, the armed people.
by Manolo Luppichini
48′ | 2014 | HDBesides shooting sports that are widely practiced in Switzerland, the Swiss military service permits soldiers, even those in the army reserve, to keep their weapons in their homes. The film investigates this unique case, presenting its pros and cons and discussing its social, cultural, political, and legislative aspects.

Arab Nuclear
by Sherif Salem
46′ | 2013 | HDThis film analyses the nuclear power projects of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. It contrasts these projects against the power policies of Germany, Europe’s first industrial power which is currently investing in renewable energy and working to shut down its nuclear reactors.

The privatization
by Sherif Salem
46′ | 2012 | SD

Privatization in Egypt which started in the early 1990s is often accused of causing great social inequality, which was one of the key drivers of the Egyptian people’s uprising leading to the revolution in 2011. This documentary analyses the economic and social impact of this privatization, comparing and contrasting its path with that of the French model.

For a different world
by Sherif Salem
50′ | 2005 | SD
During the manifestations against the G8 summit in Genoa 2001, the movement known as ‘No Global’ launched the slogan “a different world is possible”. The documentary starts from this point, exploring the Italian movement to reveal what stands behind that slogan. Is it a clear ideology or just a dream?