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Pharaohs of Squash
by Sherif Fathy Salem

52’ | 2019 | HD

Raneem El Welily; women’s squash world champion 2017 & world no. 1 currently, Tarek Momen; men’s squash world champion 2019 & world no.3 currently, Omar ElBorolossy; world men’s over 35 champion 2014 & former Egyptian team coach, and Ashraf Hanafi world men’s over 35 champion 1995 and coach of the 2017 men’s world squash champion team, through them, the film reveals the secret of how Egyptians are dominating the sport of Squash today.

The New Italians
by Sherif Fathy Salem
54’ | 2010 | SD

Through stories of different characters; sons of Arab/Muslim immigrants in Italy who were born and/or raised in Rome, Bologna, Turin and Milan, the film reveals the thoughts and feelings of these new Italians about identity, homeland, citizenship and religion.


Palestina Amore
by Sherif Fathy Salem
50’ | 2010 | SD

The Italian activists who support the Palestinian cause. Who are they? Why and how do they support this cause? What is the price they pay for this kind of activism? And do they believe it will lead to a positive result?

Watch the English version | Watch the Arabic Version

by Sherif Fathy Salem
50’ | 2009 | SD

A teenager, a lady, and a group of young men from the southern shore of the Mediterranean who risked their lives traveling illegally to Italy via boats and land borders. The film tells their stories and reveals their thoughts, emotions and dreams.

Watch the English version | Watch the Arabic Version

Orient Passion
by Sherif Fathy Salem
50’ | 2005 | SD

Four Arabic and Islamic scholars of the oriental university of Napoli, the oldest school of oriental studies in Europe, tell the story of the oriental studies in Italy and reveal their thoughts about the current relationship between East and West.

Watch the Arabic Version

60 years after
by Haydir Majeed
50’ | 2005 | SD

PARTIGANI: Men and women who were activists of the Italian resistance against fascism. A glorious past and a disappointing present.