Pharaohs of Squash

52′ | 2019 | HD
Raneem El Welily; women’s squash world champion 2017, Tarek Momen; men’s squash world champion 2019, Omar ElBorolossy; world men’s over 35 champion 2014 & former Egyptian team coach, and Ashraf Hanafi world men’s over 35 champion 1995 and coach of the 2017 men’s world squash champion team, through them, the film reveals the secret of how Egyptians are dominating the sport of Squash today.

The Italians of Egypt
80′ | 2011 | HD

The Italians were the oldest European community in Egypt and they had contributed greatly to its modernization. This important community paid a high price when Italy took part in WWII.

that Alexandria
77’ | 2013 | HD

The magnificent Alexandria of the first half of the 20th century narrated by its Greek, Italian, Armenian، Syiro Lebanese and Egyptian citizens.

Being Free

27′ | 2021 | HD

After years of portrait painting and graphic designing, Heba; an Egyptian artist discovers herself through pottery art, creating a unique style that evokes Egyptian heritage’s elements.

People of the Walls
90′ – 52′ | 2017 | HD

Difficulties, fears and hopes of people who live in Belfast (Northern Ireland), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Bethlehem (Palestine); three different cities that are divided by walls of separation.

75′ | 2015 | HD

The power of a simple woman in Rome – an Egyptian immigrant – who struggles to save her family from harsh economic circumstances while still dreaming of going back home one day.  

The Traces of the Sicilian Muslims
54′ | 2009 | HD

A voyage into the Italian Island of Sicily searching for the traces of its Muslims of the medieval period.

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