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People of the Walls

by Sherif Salem
90′ + 52′ | 2017 | HD

Difficulties, fears and hopes of people who live in Belfast (Northern Ireland), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Bethlehem (Palestine); three different cities that are divided by walls of separation.


Il Passo
by Mohamed Hossam Eldin
 15′ | 2017 | 2K

 Nadine; an Italian teenager who was born in Rome to an immigrant couple. While making her audition to become a ballet dancer of one of   Rome’s prestigious theaters, she faces a harsh situation; being obligated to choose between a symbol of her personal identity and realizing her life’s dream.



by Angelo Loy
75’ | 2015 | HD

The power of a simple woman in Rome – an Egyptian immigrant – who struggles to save her family from harsh economic circumstances while still dreaming of going back home one day.


The Italians of Egypt

by Sherif Salem
80’ | 2011 | HD

The Italians were the oldest European community in Egypt and they had contributed greatly to its modernization. This important community paid a high price when Italy took part in WWII.


that Alexandria

by Sherif Salem
77’ | 2013 | HD

The magnificent Alexandria of the first half of the 20th century narrated by its Greek, Italian, Armenian، Syiro lebanese and Egyptian citizens.


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